ENZO MARI [The Big Stone Game: OG Enzo Mari Playground, 1968] – Photos are taken from the book: I Giochi per Bambini di Enzo Mari, 1969.

Enzo Mari’s playground was created in 1968 in Carrara for an exhibition of stone design. A newly constructed (rebuilding) maquette circulates for years beginning in 2000, part of Aires de Jeux, a French exhibition of artist-driven playground design. Travertine monoliths around a slate court, which evokes the imagination-stimulating, small-town piazza where Mari and Stanley Kubrick played together as children.

The Big Stone Game, preferably at a place with an excess supply of 2.5-meter slabs of travertine:

The dimensions of each slab are 1.25 by 0.08 by 2.5 m. in height; those of the larger openings, 2.5 by 2.5 m., and the side of the delimited square is of 5.62 m. At the centre of each slab (at 1.25 m from the ground, that is, at the eye-level of a small boy) there are two small, identical, and elliptical holes, whose relative position (vertical, horizontal, oblique, etc.), in varying from slab to slab, adds to their individualization. The interior is paved in slate at the same level as the surrounding green. With slate flooring, such signs and marks as the unconstrained fancy of children’s play may demand, can be made. The whole—in its deliberate simplicity—has a “classical” dimension, and at the same time, has been conceived as a space for the collective life of children—a place for shaking off urban conditioning.


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